Anniversary Poems

Find the perfect anniversary poems for your partner, friends or family with this collection of happy anniversary poems! If you or someone you know are celebrating an anniversary, a great way to send anniversary greetings or express your feelings is in the form of anniversary poems. It isn’t always simple and easy to find the right words, especially with poetry, but poems are a beautiful and heartfelt way to express your happy anniversary messages. It was with this in mind that we created this collection of anniversary wishes. Here you will find 1) anniversary poems for her, 2) anniversary poems for him, 3) anniversary poems for parents and 50th wedding anniversary poems. Which poem will you send as an anniversary message?

Anniversary Poems for Her

Here is a collection of wedding anniversary poems for wife and first date or engagement anniversary poems for her which you can send or recite to her to make her feel special and show her how deeply you care.

  • My angel, my love, my entire world,
    All I need in this life is you, my girl.
    Thank you for yet another incredible year,
    I am so happy to say happy anniversary my dear!
  • There is no woman in this world better than you,
    There is nobody but me who loves you so true.
    When you draw near my heart still skips a beat,
    My knees start to quiver and I lose my feet.
    How is it that you only get more beautiful with time?
    I can still scarcely believe that you are mine.
    And as we celebrate another magical year,
    I just wanted to send you this anniversary cheer!
  • Through all the years,
    You’ve stood by my side,
    Enduring all the ups and downs,
    We’ve had quite the ride.
    There is no one I’d rather,
    Be with down the path of life,
    And there is certainly nobody,
    I’d rather call my wife.
    Happy anniversary my angel!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    There’s nobody I’d rather wish a happy anniversary to!

  • You’re cuter than cute,
    You’re more lovely than love,
    You’re more magical than magic,
    Showered down from above.
    You’re more beautiful than beauty,
    And smarter than smart,
    Happy anniversary my angel,
    Let’s never be apart.
  • Happy anniversary to my beautiful girl,
    You are my everything, the best part of my world.
    Thanks to you I have a purpose and a goal,
    The focus of my life is the joy of your soul.
    Even though life is full of many ups and downs,
    And sometimes within the smiles are mixed a few frowns,
    I promise my love for you will forever stay,
    Now let’s celebrate with joy this most important day!
  • I feel so joyful and excited sometimes,
    When I think of you each night and day,
    And when I see you, I see butterflies,
    I love you more than words can say…You’re so breathtaking!
    This love is overflowing!
    I can’t resist your eyes, it’s true!
    The sunsets and twinkling stars fade into shadows…
    I am absolutely crazy for you!Your soul is vibrant; your heart is loving,
    And my heart is truly in your hands.
    I could flutter and sing ’til life was done,
    But YOU are the focus of my plans.
    This intense happiness is breathtaking my love,
    And for you, you, I thank Heaven above.
    Happy anniversary my angel.

  • Today is a day we celebrate our love,
    But the truth is, my dear,
    That this day feels no different from any other.
    For you make me feel so lucky,
    Every single day of my life.
    Each day I am full of love for you.
    Every time I see your face,
    My heart sings and smiles.
    Your simple touch still gives me chills,
    And each and every kiss is heaven to me.
    So, yes this truly is a special day.
    But to me it feels like it’s always our anniversary.
  • In summertime, our love is beautiful, like lilies floating in the breeze.
    In wintertime, our love is warm — it races from lips to toes.
    If skies are blue, our love is joyful — two people singing in the sun.
    If thunder rolls our love is content, a refuge from the dancing rain.
    When spring flowers bloom, our love is bold, like purple petals on the orchid.
    When autumn leaves fall, our love is gold, shining bright like a harvest sunset.
    From birthday till Christmas our love will continue to shine.
    From season to season I love you always! My one, my only, my angel.
    Happy anniversary!
  • My dear angel, I love you so much,
    And I just wanted you to know,
    That on our anniversary today,
    I promise to never let you go.

Anniversary Poems for Him

Find the right words to express what is in your heart with these wedding anniversary poems for husbands or first date or engagement anniversary poems for him. Show him how important he is to you and help make this day even more special!

  • So, I hear that roses are red,
    And they say that violets are blue,
    But I could care less for flowers,
    As long as I have you.
    Happy anniversary!
  • You look at me as if I’m the only girl around,
    You make me feel so special, as if I had a crown.
    You’ve shown me how to be happy,
    How to live, love and care.
    You’ve given me a life of joy,
    And with you my heart I share.
    So on our anniversary,
    This little poem’s for you,
    My one and only devoted love,
    I will be forever true.
  • It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by,
    So much has happened as the time continues to fly,
    But throughout all the change and wildness of life,
    One thing is constant: I love being your wife.
  • You work so very hard to take care of me,
    The sacrifices you make I can so clearly see.
    Your devotion and love just continue to grow,
    So here’s an anniversary poem so that you’ll know,
    That I’m thankful to you for all that you’ve done,
    I hope by now you know, dear, that you’re my only one!
    Happy anniversary my love!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    The best decision I ever made was saying ‘I do’!

anniversary poems

  • I will wait for you forever,
    I will always be here,
    No matter the distance,
    If you’re far or near.
    I am your girl,
    Eternally I will be,
    The other half of your heart,
    Saying happy anniversary.
  • Life is a journey and I’m so lucky to be,
    Going through it with someone who sets my soul free.
    And as we set off on another year of wedded bliss,
    I am grateful your lips will always be there for my kiss.
    My arms will forever be open and ready for your embrace,
    And within my heart for you is always a special place.
    Thank you for all the many things that you do,
    May you always feel how deeply I love and cherish you.
  • As the years roll by at a quickening pace,
    and into my hand your own hand you place,
    and you smile at me with such knowing grace,
    your gentle touch still makes my heart race.
    I can see your soul shining in your eyes,
    and you look within me, we both realize
    that a love so pure can outlive all cries,
    that our romance is one that surely never dies.
    I love you more today than I ever did before,
    And no doubt tomorrow I’ll love you even more,
    From the very first day you washed up on my shore,
    it has been an adventure with you to explore.
    I still don’t know how I got so lucky to find you,
    and sometimes I pinch myself to see if it’s true,
    But without a doubt I know my love for you is true,
    And so proud I am to say happy anniversary to you.
  • I love you with my heart,
    I love you with my soul,
    I shall love you for all eternity,
    My love will forever grow.
    Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • When I say you’re my life, I hope you know this is true,
    When I tell you you’re my everything, know that I only have eyes for you.
    When the words do not come because you’ve taken my breath away,
    Please know that I love you more than words can ever say.

Anniversary Poems for Parents

Is it your parents anniversary and you aren’t sure what to say or what to write in an anniversary card? Then send one of these happy anniversary poems for parents.

  • Happy anniversary Mom and Dad,
    May the love you share always keep you glad.
    You have each other and that’s something grand,
    Forever shall you be able to walk hand-in-hand.
    I wish for you a happy and healthy long life,
    Forever and always as husband and wife.
  • Having the childhood I had,
    Was the greatest gift for me,
    If not for my amazing parents,
    I don’t know where I’d be.
    Your devotion for each other,
    Showed me a love so very true,
    So thank you for all that you did,
    And a happy anniversary too!
  • All of my life, I have been so blessed to see,
    My wonderful parents being a great example for me,
    Of how to love and treat each other with respect,
    And creating a relationship so very perfect.
    Hats off to you, my dear Mom and Dad,
    Your love is enduring, and not just a fad,
    And your anniversary today is more confirmation,
    Of your everlasting bond and mutual admiration.
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to view,
    The true love and connection between both of you,
    So I just wanted to wish to you two on this day,
    A long life together and a happy anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary Mom and Dad,
    You’re the best parents anyone ever had!

wedding anniversary poems

  • Whenever I think of love,
    It’s my parents that come to mind.
    You relationship is so special,
    Truly one of a kind.
    I love to see you together,
    Still so full of bliss,
    The way you smile at each other,
    And the way that you kiss.
    When I was younger,
    I couldn’t quite see,
    That your love is so special,
    Something seen so rarely.
    And now that I’m older,
    It’s so plain to me,
    That you are a match made in heaven,
    And you deserve a perfect anniversary.
  • Mom and Dad,
    What can I say?
    Today’s your anniversary,
    Not just a normal day.
    It’s hard to find the words,
    To say to both of you,
    How in awe I am of,
    Your love that’s so true.
    So even though I struggle,
    To find the right words,
    I’ll just say to you,
    Happy anniversary lovebirds!
  • Dear Mom and Dad,
    Today is your special day,
    Once again a magical year,
    Has come and gone away.
    And as the seasons changed,
    Through the ebbing and flow,
    The only change your love had,
    Was that it continued to grow.
  • The romantic love story that is your life,
    And how you came to be husband and wife,
    Is something I wish to also have one day,
    Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing me the way.
    Happy anniversary!
  • Although this is your special day to share with one another,
    It’s also very important to those who call you father and mother.
    That’s why so many thoughts of love come attached to this wish for you,
    May your anniversary be a reminder of the perfectness between you two.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    Mom and Dad, happy anniversary to you!

50th Wedding Anniversary Poems

If you are fortunate enough to know someone who is celebrating their 50th anniversary, consider yourself blessed. Couples like this are a shining example of true love and commitment. Help make their day more celebratory with these 50th anniversary poems.

  • Today as you both recall with cheerfulness and pride,
    Upon the fifty precious years that you’ve spent side by side,
    May every memory that you’ve created to make this dream come true,
    Help to make this golden anniversary a happy one for you!
  • Over fifty years of marriage,
    You have done so many things,
    And that’s why I am sending,
    An anniversary message that brings,
    Love, smiles and happiness,
    Joy and good health too,
    To be yours to carry,
    In the years ahead of you.
  • 50 years of marriage,
    Truly deserves celebration,
    A half century of love,
    Merits much acclimation.
    Congratulations to you both,
    On all the love you had before,
    Happy 50th anniversary,
    And may you have many more.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I feel so blessed to wish a happy 50th to you!
  • Hip hip hooray and lots of cheers,
    Congratulations on 50 golden years.

happy anniversary poems

  • I am so honored to witness today,
    Two special people’s 50th anniversary.
    So rare in life do we see a marriage like this,
    A relationship that has had so many years of bliss.
    And as you set off on the next decade of love,
    May your marriage be protected always from above.
    For you set an example for all the world to see,
    And ignite in young lovers what they too could be.
    So on this special day I want to wish to you,
    Many more years of a love so pure and true!
  • Congratulations on your 50th anniversary,
    May we all be as lucky as you are today.
    At this moment there really are no words to say,
    And nothing adequately able to find a way,
    To express that for which we could only pray,
    A love like yours which has never gone astray.
  • Fifty years ago, they say,
    An incredible marriage began that day.
    Two amazing people joined as one,
    And made life together much more fun.
    And here they are half a century past,
    The time it seems went very fast,
    But throughout it all their love was true,
    Happy golden anniversary and many more too.
  • A relationship like yours is so very rare,
    Fifty years you’ve been together!
    You’ve always been a devoted team,
    Throughout all types of weather.
    Yours is a marriage made in heaven,
    That is what they say,
    All I know is that I love you,
    Have a happy 50th Anniversary day!
  • Five decades have passed since you tied the knot,
    And throughout all that time no one had a shot,
    Of getting in between a bond so strong and pure,
    Of a love that was destined forever to endure.
We truly hope you have enjoyed this collection of happy anniversary poems. Whether you were looking for wedding anniversary poems or anniversary poems for a first date or engagement, we hope that you were able to find just the right one. Few days are as special as an anniversary. Commemorating a commitment of love is such a beautiful thing. Throughout the comings and goings of life, we often take for granted our partners and, at least once a year, it is good to take time out to truly celebrate the coming together and partnership of two people. If it is your anniversary, sending wedding anniversary poems to your spouse is a terrific way to express your feelings and show them how much you care. If it it your parents anniversary, sending happy anniversary poems to them is a great way to show your respect and admiration and to help make their day special. We also included a section of 50th anniversary poems here because this incredible achievement can often only be expressed in the form of poetry. May you and yours have many more anniversaries and celebrations to come!

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